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A Summary of Shettles Advice for Attempting to Conceive a Boy


1. Track cycles for 3 months, observing BBT and CM, before first attempt.

2. During this time the male should stay away from hot baths and tight fitting underwear and pants to increase sperm count. Eliminate frequent caffeine intake and reduce stress to help increase sperm count.

The Attempt

1. Have ONE unprotected sex session within the 12 hours before ovulation occurs. This will be somewhere between the morning of your last low temperature, to the morning on which you have your temperature rise. If temperatures are not consistent, have sex on the last day of peak cm symptoms, as close to the shift from clear egg white cm to cloudy cm (which signals ovulation has taken place).

2. Make sure that the male has abstained from ANY activity resulting in ejaculation for 4 days prior to ovulation.

3. (Optional) Drink a couple of cups of coffee or another strongly caffeinated beverage 15-30 minutes before having intercourse.

4. Have intercourse in the rear entry position (doggie style) so that semen is deposited directly on the cervix where the secretions are the most alkaline.

5. Have an orgasm just before or during the male orgasm to increase your alkaline secretions.

Use of OPK

1. Use only ovulation tests which can test at any time of day.

2. Test twice a day, once between 11 AM and 3 PM and again between 5 PM and 10 PM starting 4 days before your anticipated ovulation day.

3. For the majority of women, ovulation occurs 24 hours after the first positive OPK. Have the one unprotected sex session 12-18 hours after first positive ovulation test .


Dr Felix Unterburger had made observations with respect to alkalinity and acidity and gender predetermination. Women recommended to use an alkaline douche (for overcoming fertility problems) conceived a higher than usual number of boys. Other Doctors followed up on Dr Unterburgers' findings with similar results, an alkaline environment is preferential to male sperm penetration of the ovum and an acidic environment is preferential to female sperm penetration of the ovum.

Where Dr Shettles method fails is the pH factor of the reproductive tract and subsequent chemistry around the ovum at the time of ovulation. He states that the reproductive tract is always alkaline at the time of ovulation, and acidic at all other times, which would result in a much higher % of male births than has been recorded in history. For every 100 females born there are approximately 106 males.

We believe the pH of the cervical mucus, reproductive tract, and follicular fluid must be taken into account and with every month at the time of ovulation, the conditions will be right for either conception of a boy or a girl, not both. It is how Mother Nature has been able to ensure a reasonably equal number of male and female babies are produced each year. Timing your conception attempt cannot change the acidity or alkalinity of the follicular fluid within the reproductive tract (even with orgasm) and so cannot change which sex will be conceived if your ovum is fertilized.

When a woman who is trying to conceive a baby boy and times her conception attempt as close to ovulation as possible, her success will depend upon the pH of the reproductive tract at the time her ovum is released. If it is alkaline she will be successful, however if it is acidic she will probably conceive a baby girl. If she uses an alkaline douche she is decreasing the possibility of failure, as the alkaline douche is favourable for male producing sperm.

Alternatively when a woman is trying to conceive a baby girl and times her conception attempt several days before ovulation, if the pH of the reproductive tract is acidic at the time of ovulation she will be successful, however if it is alkaline she may conceive a baby boy (that is, if any of the Y bearing sperm are still viable). If she uses an acidic douche she is decreasing the possibility of failure, as the douche will immobilise most of the male producing sperm.

Boy Douche
(for those who choose to try it)
half teaspoon of bicarb to 1 litre water
Best to use a gravity type douche, it's reusable and can be found at your local pharmacy, which may cost about $10. You can also use one of those pumps to mesure medicine for babies, found in any pharmacy for douching purpose.

Boy Diet

HIGH Alkaline is what you want!
AVOID dairy!(very acidic)
Sodium and Potassium are GREAT!!
Eat things HIGH in sodium, canned soups are great! Watermelon,Bananas,Fresh Pineapple are HIGH in potassium!

Other tidbits

1. If woman has frequent vaginal infections (bacterial or yeast) and suspect an infection it should be treated prior to the attempt as infections cause secretions to be highly acidic.

2. Other than this one sex attempt, Dr. Shettles advises use of condoms at all other times during the cycle.

3. Woman can use Tes-Tape, Ovulation Pains and other signs of ovulation to help her pinpoint exact time of ovulation.

Information Summarized from book “How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby” by Landrum Shettles, M.D. Ph.D. and David M. Rorvik (a GOOD READ) and